15 Apr

I was cruising the ICT conference today for new articles and ideas to use with my IT and Innovative Learning students, when I came across a fascinating article about a lego-style network multiplayer game called Minecraft.  A teacher by the name of Joel Levin has effectively used the game environment as a teaching tool with Grade 1 and 2 students.  I applaud his courage in implementing this, especially with such young children.

You can read the Ars Technica article here.

Levin has his own blog as well, The Minecraft Teacher.

Finally, I checked out the minecraft website, to see that there is a free version of their older software, along with server software to allow you to host your own games in a controlled environment (essential for education).

Following Levin’s own advice, I am not about to try to adopt this in any haste – I’ll take a look at it over the summer to become comfortable and confident before leaping into a classroom application of the software.

Exciting things are afoot in game-based education.


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