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Online Radio

I’m currently following up with a recommendation from a teacher on to use the free, open-source Airtime software and SHOUTcast to put together a school radio station.

Video from the Airtime website:

Airtime. Open software for radio stations. from Sourcefabric on Vimeo.

I haven’t gotten far into the exploration yet, but an early browse through the websites for both tools really makes the concept seem attractive.  I’m not sure that either really gives much in terms of creating content – both seem intent on managing the content you already have.

At any rate, audacity could form the backbone of the content creation, with the other tools handling the distribution of that content.

In related news, I’ve started updating my wiki page for audacity.

Look forward to future updates as I get the idea off the ground.

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Ransom Note Generator

I was looking for an easier way to simulate a news-clipping style of note for a pre-reading exercise for Hamlet today and came across the Ransom Note Generator.  It takes any line of text you give it and converts it into the style of ransom note made from magazine and newspaper clippings.  Unlike fonts that try to do the same, the generator will use different images for the same letters, should they repeat, meaning that no two letters come out looking quite the same.

The only downside to the site is that it doesn’t give an option to download the entire note, but you can take a quick screen capture or share the link to distribute your note.



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Selene Edu Game

I was doing some research into game-based learning and came across a NASA-sponsored project that allows students to learn about the moon through an online game called Selene.

The game can be located here:

I haven’t tried it out yet because they have a bit of a bureaucratic method of getting people online – you need to apply to be a “recruiter”, download parental permission forms, provide phone contact information, etc.  before being given an access code to use to get students online.

Part of the reason for all this is that the game is also a research project, and data will be collected from the student’s progress in the game.

Have a look at this video from NASA Education to hear a better explanation of the game than the website gives:

I aim to try it out with my class next year, but if anyone’s used it and has feedback to offer, I’m always interested.

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Game Making

As I was looking at the idea of gaming in education, I came across an excellent post on game making for kids:

I had a browse through, and started looking to Game Maker, so maybe there will be more to share soon.  The post is quite complete, and has numerous different links to game making software and tutorials to get you started, so I recommend checking it out.


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Moodle Tool Guide

I got this document from a colleague some time back and think it is a great way to introduce someone to the basic tools available in the default install of Moodle.



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Popplet – Web 2.0 Graphic Organizers

There’s some absolutely fantastic stuff being done with Popplet right now, and accounts are free.

Popplet is a web-based collaborative mind-mapping software capable of creating flow charts, graphic organizers, and other visual aids.  It incorporates the best of the Web 2.0 world – it allows for collaborative editing, can be shared easily, and pulls in rich content from Youtube and other websites.

It is to softwares like Inspiration and Smart Ideas, what Prezi is to Powerpoint.

I have some examples here. I’ll post a warning to other wordpress users trying to do the same thing: you need to use gigya code to embed them, the embed code that popplet uses won’t work in wordpress.

Instructions are here

At any rate, some work my ICT students did in 20 minutes today:

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Creating Maps with National Geographic Tool

Just got this link from a colleague and had to share it. It allows you to create printable pdf maps of most places in the world – you can make blank ones for history and geography courses too!

I wish I had a tool like this 5 years ago. It can be surprisingly hard to find blank, printable map templates for some regions. This is a fantastic resource that fills a that basic need.

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